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Piano Keys


Adult beginners often feel frustrated when asked to practice children's songs. Even intermediate players who may not have the best reading skills become discouraged when forced to start over with slow, often boring, arrangements of children's songs. Vocalists and other instrumentalists often find it daunting to read new clefs and play more than one lFortunately, there's a better way! I specialize in Musical Development and reach adult students with a variety of engaging activities and songs selected according to your interests and developmental stage in the music learning process. Have fun exploring the materials I've prepared for you in the RECREATIONAL PIANO and SPIRITUAL PIANO sections at your own pace. Sign up for VIRTUAL COACHING if you need extra help.



Parents and caregivers have often expressed to me that they frustrated when they can't help their children with music practice at home. Even caregivers with musical experience may not necessarily have the awareness of best practices for nurturing musicianship in the early childhood and beginning stages. I share practical tips for caregivers, as well as engaging lessons and activities for young children, in the EARLY CHILDHOOD section of this website. Sign up for Family Music Time online (or in New Orleans locally) for fun, interactive music experiences that promote bonding and allow you to learn music along with your child. You may also register for Adult Virtual Coaching for personalized lessons for yourself.

Piano Lesson


I know how difficult it can be to find a teacher that helps you learn the music that YOU want to play. You have to practice songs and styles you may not like or relate to to get your teacher's approval, only to then struggle to learn your favorite music on your own. Or you may enjoy the music your teacher selects for you but take FOREVER to figure it out! Fortunately, there is a better way! Have fun exploring the materials I have prepared for you in the RECREATIONAL PIANO and SPIRITUAL PIANO sections. More advanced students can move on to the MUSIC MAJORS level for more in-depth work on ear training, music theory, and composition. If there's a particular song or type of music I haven't included yet, please let me know! If you need extra help, ask your parents or caregivers to sign you up for Virtual Coaching for small group or one-on-one lessons with me online.

“It’s not easy to find a teacher who is patient with beginners, but April Hamm Piano is definitely one of them!” My children have learned and enjoyed themselves so much, and love sharing their new skills with me.”


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